US Medical Billing Company Selects Next BPO Solutions For Its First Venture Into Outsourcing To Philippines

Posted on: 16th May, 2018

Outsourcing Philippines


A Medical Billing company out of Texas, USA has selected Next BPO Solutions as its service provider for its outsourced back office requirements. The Client has been providing medical billing services to private practitioners for years and has used the services of home-based contractors in the US for its back-office support. Looking to lower its support operations cost, the Client decided to check the possibility of outsourcing the back-office services to the Philippines.

The Client has contacted several BPO Service Providers in the Philippines (mostly from Manila and Cebu). Next BPO Solutions, which operates out of Davao City was also invited to submit a proposal. After their thorough review, Client has shortlisted their potential Service Providers to 3, including Next BPO Solutions. The Client eventually decided to go with Next BPO Solutions, mainly due to the following advantages it provides:

  • Lower Costs – Next BPO Solutions’ Management Fees and the employees’ salaries are much lower than those in Manila and Cebu
  • Environmental Factors – Davao City is never hit by a typhoon all year round, which means continuity of services even in severe weather conditions
  • Competitive Talents – Davao City has the right talents required to perform the tasks being outsourced
  • Security and Accessibility – Next BPO Solutions’ Outsourcing Service Delivery Center is strategically located for easy public transport access and is near the city’s Public Safety and Security Command Center.

Next BPO Solutions specializes in helping Small and Medium Businesses who will be outsourcing to the Philippines for the first time.

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