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No company will discount the need to create and maintain a good web site for both their marketing and e-commerce initiatives. Web sites must be current, it must communicate the company’s goals and objectives, and most of all, it must reach its target audiences.

At Outsourcing Services Delivery Center (OSDC), we offer you our Customized Web Services, that will help you with your website needs. We will guarantee you that all the web services we offer will help your website gain the traffic that it needs to attract. That is why we are encouraging you to outsource your Internet Marketing, Web Services needs, SEO Campaign and every other services you need to the Philippines, as it will benefit you and your company greatly.

Below are the following outsourced web services that we provide for you:

  • Simple Web Designs
  • Dynamic Web Design and Content Management
  • E-Commerce Portal Design and Applications Development
  • Internet Marketing

Our web designers can craft your web sites with a short turn-around and a quick deployment pace. Whether you want a simple web site with a few pages, a site that can double as an online product catalogue that you can manage, or a fully functional web portal both for your intranet and extranet applications, we can do it with the most widely used web development platforms today.

We believe in the goodness that a well-structured and well planned web site can turn things around for your investments. You will need to have a web site that will outrank your competitors in any search engine today. But having a good web design and a well-made web site is not enough to bring in all your projected results.

And because having a web site is no longer a guarantee to bring large visits or traffic, our Internet Marketing Team can help you in planning and in implementing a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The campaign will target your web site and how it can be optimized to outrank and outperform your competitors in the search engine results. Our SEO team will help you pinpoint the weaknesses and strengths of your web site to ensure an optimal performance that can bring you the traffic that you are targeting. This SEO campaign will help ensure that you will not only have a good traffic to your web site but that you will have a good conversion rate by reaching the right audience and turning them into buying customers.

Contact Us here today to find out more on how we can fulfill your web needs.

Global Outsourcing News

COVID-19 has created a unique business environment, with businesses shifting to remote working and using digital channels in a noticeably short span of time. In such a time, the flexibility and scalability achieved using outsourcing as a strategy have been aptly demonstrated.

Asia’s biggest chipmakers hope Intel on Thursday will confirm long-standing talks to give them a bigger role in making its flagship chip products, as the U.S. semiconductor titan struggles to keep pace with the cutting-edge offerings of its rivals.