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The Philippines has become the primary destination for companies looking to outsource their customer support services. This can be attributed to the Filipino’s proficiency in English communication (both oral and written) and lower cost of living (you can hire a Filipino staff for less than one fourth of what it would cost you for the same person in the USA or Canada). Other than that, the key cities in the Philippines also have a robust telecom infrastructure which is for the deployment of an IP-based communications system. By maximizing the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), it will cost virtually almost nothing to call any client anywhere in the world. Now you can have an excellent customer support service minus the costs.

By outsourcing your customer support to Philippines, you are assured that quality service is being provided for your clients and customers. It gives you the assurance of saving money and getting more for what you paid for.

Among the leading Customer Support services provided from the Philippines, which OSDC also provides through Next BPO Solutions, Ltd. are:

  • Corporate Customer Support
  • Consumer Services HotLine (for Retail and Online Consumer Services)
  • Technical Support (for Software and Telecom Providers)
  • Client Retention (for subscriber-based services)
  • Online Sales Support (Online Product Demo and Inside Sales)

OSDC’s infrastructure allows for a quick and easy integration with our client’s communications systems. This means faster deployment from recruitment, to training and to live operations. A quick integration means you save more time and it would rid of you any other unnecessary expenses that goes with system integration.

With OSDC’s 24/7 operations, you are assured that your clients are provided round-the-clock support wherever in the world they may be.

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