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Companies nowadays want to maintain a lean office operation so they can concentrate on growing their businesses. To do this, they will outsource a portion of their operations that are considered as “non-core” but also otherwise a necessity. These “non-core” operations are as follows:

  • Business Transcription
  • Data Encoding and Order Taking
  • Billing and Collection
  • General Accounting and Audit
  • Administrative Services
  • Procurement
  • Benefits Management, Timekeeping and Payroll
  • Corporate/Financial Audit (with Fraud Detection)

Common back office services that are outsourced to Philippines are General Accounting, Encoding and Billing. For General Accounting, we train our team of Accountants on the accounting and taxation laws of the State/Country where their clients’ operations are located. This way, our Accounting personnel’s will be able to provide your consumers the right services they need inclined with your Country’s laws.

For Encoding and Billing, it is considered a vital part of a manufacturing company’s production and distribution process, calls for a highly accurate and trained personnel who will work with their foreign counterparts. All orders are received by the Order Entry Staff and it will be encoded into the client’s system, which will be accessed by their manufacturing team. The Billing staff will then access the same system for collection once the orders are delivered or received.

The only investment you will really need is for the initial training required by the outsourced personnel. You will start to notice the benefits of outsourcing and the Return on Investment (ROI) once the staffs are able to do the process on their own.

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