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OSDC’s Culture


Outsourcing Services Delivery Center (OSDC) is setting its goals based on the client’s needs and also based on what the employee needs. OSDC is staging itself to be a stress-free and fun workplace for its current and potential employees so as to establish a fun and fulfilling culture in the employees careers.

Our goal is to be an employer of choice so that anybody who wants to build a solid career in the outsourcing industry would look at joining us and working with us for a long time. To this end, we make it a point that our employees are happy by providing for them not only better compensation but also an environment where work is fun and creative ideas are encouraged.

For us, work revolves around the person, not the office. The office is there to provide the needed facilities. By utilizing the best of available technologies, our people are able to work wherever they think they can be productive and have fun. We give our employees balance of work and fun so as to help maximize their potentials in an everyday work routine.

So, to be an OSDC employee, it does not necessarily mean having to relocate to Davao City. If your task allows you to work and deliver the desired results where you are, then you can be a part of the OSDC family. You can be in Metro Manila or somewhere in the Visayas, and still be a part of OSDC and enjoy the same benefits of those who work in the office.

Our customized outsourcing solutions are not only designed for our clients but also for our employees. We call it customized employment solutions. With this, you are assured of a good working environment and also a good career opportunity that will open doors for you in the future. It is truly a win-win situation for both employee and employer.

What are you waiting for? Start your career with the OSDC family.

Global Outsourcing News

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has been one of the essential sectors severely impacted by the pandemic. Their workers have been dubbed as secrets front liners- working daily even with the threat of the virus.